how to lose 10 pounds in a week ? The Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week?

how to lose 10 pounds in a week?

Losing weight has always been a struggle, especially for women. Trying to drop few pound is a great challenge, do not think about more. You need to be extremely dedicated to your everyday routine, the diets, the workouts and the lifestyle generally. When you are trying to lose weight for shorter amount of time, then you need to find out the correct way of doing that.

A lot of researches have shown that extreme workouts and diets will not help you at all in losing the weight you want; instead you will need a special diet designed just for your needs. Starving is not the solution; you need to manage your meals and the intake of ingredients. So, what you need to do here? It’s quite simple, you need to follow these tips and get the results soon.

  1. Do not make any diets
  • You can easily lose weight if you are not exposing yourself on some rigorous diet that will make you starve. Instead you can manage your meals and get the needed ingredients, and be full and satisfied plus. You can put some limits on the amounts you eat, or limit the sugars you intake, but it is not recommended to be on some diet where you are told what to eat every day. You can eat whatever you want, but in the proper way.
  1. Set your goal
  • This is important if you want to see the results. Setting a period for how long you want to achieve that, it will motivate you to continue with your approach of losing weight.
  • Start working out, visit the gym, or just run. Every start is hard, but once you do it, then you will be not able to stop afterwards. Look at the fitness like some routine in your life, so include it in your way of living. If you have free time more than enough, instead of spending it while watching a movie, or reading a book, or doing something else, then you can always visit the gym. It is proved that when you practice you are more satisfied with yourself and you are ready to do more. The levels of energy are boosted, so you will feel capable of doing anything.
  • Your physical and mental health will be improved and your body in the shape you want.
  • You can workout the same time every day. It is recommended to do it in the morning, so you feel energized throughout the day, and you need to keep it that way, like a routine.
  1. Meditating
  • This technique can be used to focus your mind on the things you want to do. Just like that you can put the focus on losing weight. This way you can relieve the stress and calm your mind. Practicing meditation for few minutes every day will help you achieve your goals faster.
  1. Make healthier decisions
  • Deciding on the way you live has a great impact on your mind and body. If you are stressed all the time, you can find the cure in the food. If you are too busy to cook, you are eating fast food. If you are tired, you tire yourself even more because you have to finish your work.
  • By making some small changes in your life you will be able to see the results of losing weight soon. Instead of buying fast food, you can cook, or eat at some restaurant on the way. Instead of trying to finish your job, you can rest for a while. The sleep has tremendous role in the weight loss, so if you don’t give your body enough sleep, it will not respect your commands on losing weight.


  1. Motivate yourself
  • Maybe you ask yourself how you can do this. This can be done if you have some motivation that can help you lose weight. Let’s say that your goal is to fit in your jeans in a period of 2 months. So, how can you do that? If this is a thing that you want it so bad, then you will go towards that. Changing your habits and the way of living can help you lose weight fast.
  • If you are lazy and say to yourself that from Monday or tomorrow on you are starting with the diet, trust me, you will never start like this. You do not need to determine the starting time of the weight loss process; you can start at the very same moment while you are reading this.
  1. Include more proteins
  • Including more proteins and healthy fats in your daily meals not just will improve your health; it will help you lose weight faster. Those 20 pounds you’ve been dreaming to drop off will go sooner than you thought.





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